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Experience the full potential of the GEN|3|GATE with the Samsung Gen3 Membership Tiers. These tiers are your key to a world full of rewards and opportunities, specifically designed to enrich your journey through the Samsung Gen3 Ecosystem. From daily benefits to unique experiences – new doors open to you with each tier.

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Membership FAQs

The Token Preview Icons on a Tier Card indicate which specific tokens (and in which variants) are required to be a member of a particular tier. These icons help you understand the combinations of tokens required for membership in the various tiers.

Yes, you can be a member of more than one tier at a time, based on the current combination and rarity of the tokens you hold. It's important to pay attention to the specific requirements of each tier and adjust your token portfolio accordingly to achieve the desired membership.

Accessible Benefits are the specific benefits and privileges you receive as a member of a certain tier within the Samsung Ecosystem. These benefits can include exclusive access, special promotions, discounts, or personalized offers aimed at enriching your experience with Samsung products and services.

As the holder of all the required tokens for a specific tier, you enjoy various benefits and privileges, ranging from exclusive access to events and product launches to special discounts and offers. The benefits vary by tier and are regularly updated and expanded.

Membership Tiers are different levels of membership within the Samsung Ecosystem, defined based on the tokens you hold. Depending on the combination and rarity of tokens such as MX1GE, MX1AC, and TX1GE that you possess, you are automatically assigned to a specific tier. Each tier offers you various benefits and privileges within the ecosystem.

Your membership in a tier lasts as long as you hold the required tokens. If you sell or transfer one or more of the necessary tokens and thus no longer meet the criteria for the tier, your membership in that tier automatically ends.

In the detailed view of a tier, all the tokens required for membership in that tier are listed. If you already possess all the required tokens, they will be outlined in green within the overview. This visual marker helps you quickly determine if you meet the criteria for the tier.

To become a member of a specific tier, you need to acquire and hold the specific combination and rarity of the required tokens (MX1GE, MX1AC, TX1GE). Once you possess all the necessary tokens for a tier, you are automatically assigned to that tier.

When new tokens are introduced into the ecosystem, the requirements for the various Membership Tiers may change accordingly. You should regularly follow the official announcements and updates from Samsung to stay informed about such changes and adjust your token portfolio accordingly.