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The GEN|3|GATE is an innovative initiative by Samsung that serves as a bridge between Web3, the metaverse, and real-life experiences. It's an advanced digital tool that seamlessly connects Samsung users with leading entities in these areas, acting as a gateway to an expanded universe. The GEN|3|GATE promotes interoperability, open technology, and interconnectedness.

As a Gen3 member, you have access to a variety of benefits, including exclusive events, special deals, and early access to products and services from Samsung and its partners. Furthermore, opportunities for interaction and engagement in digital and physical spaces open up.

Samsung's GEN|3|GATE collaborates with an exclusive selection of partners from various sectors, including gaming, digital art, and technology. These partnerships aim to provide members with access to unique experiences and offers, while simultaneously blurring the boundaries between digital and physical worlds.

All partners are listed on our partners page.

To become a member of the Gen3 Community, you need at least one (preferably multiple) NFT from the Samsung ecosystem. You can mint these NFTs here on the website ( if you have a valid mint code. Alternatively, you can also purchase Samsung NFTs on the secondary market, such as Opensea.

Your membership connects you to a world full of exclusive benefits and experiences in Web3 and in real life.



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